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"RAISING THE BAR: J.M. Pereira & Sons, Inc. pours excellence into everything." 

-The Who's Who in Building & Construction

Our Story

J.M. Pereira & Sons was founded in July of 1973 as a sole proprietorship and worked throughout the 1970's as a concrete subcontractor for small homebuilders in the Philadelphia area.


In 1980, the business incorporated and expanded their resources; servicing some of the nation's top homebuilders, including Orleans Home Builders,  Deluca Homes, McGrath Homes, David Cutler Group, and Beazer Homes.


With main offices in Langhorne, PA, J.M. Pereira continues to work as a concrete subcontractor for builders and general contractors throughout the tri-state area on residential, commercial, and light industrial projects.  They employ eighty to one hundred employees seasonally and own all of the equipment necessary for their work, including loaders, dozers, backhoes, trackhoes, and aluminum wall forms.  In addition, they own and employ automatic laser to set elevations, latest customized CAD software, and robotic surveying equipment.


A dedicated Safety Committee, established in 2005 and comprised of employees representing all JMP divisions, works to establish new safety procedures, facilitate training an ensure compliance for greater on the job safety.


In addition, J.M. Pereira & Sons also provides Excavation and Grading services, Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty Waterproofing Application and Concrete and Aggregate Placement Equipment, including Dump Trucks, Stone Slingers, Concrete Boom and Line Pumps, and Telescopic Conveyor Belt Trucks.


Recently, JMP added the resources to install USG Levelrock®  Gypsum Floor Underlayment, commonly used to meet fire rating and soundproofing requirements and in conjunction with radiant heat flooring systems.

“Our priority is to do things the right way—from going the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs, to providing our employees with the support and resources to perform their work with excellence.”
-Project Manager/Estimator Michael Pereira

The Process


After receiving plans for your project. We will provide a proposal and discuss possible options for the project.


We meet with you to review the quote & suggestions and answer any questions.


We meet with your field rep to discuss procedures and troubleshoot site issues.


The CAD Department confirms all options and creates a lot or building specific drawing for each foundation.


Our Layout department rechecks our drawing against your paperwork and uses it to create a set of precise surveying coordinates.


Our field coordinator reviews the drawing and paperwork to identify potential problems based on his knowledge of the site.


The coordinates are uploaded into our Robotic Geodimeter and using its GPS-type technology your foundation is laid out precisely as it is drawn.


Our procedures call for all communication to go through your office.  This eliminates miscommunication due to crew changes or language issues.

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