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USG Floor Underlayment

USG Levelrock Cementitous Gypsum Floor Underlayment

and Sound Attenuation Products

The newest addition to the J.M. Pereira family of services is our new line of Levelrock® Floor Underlayments. Levelrock® is a fast-drying, cementitious gypsum product that is placed between the subfloor and the finish floor in multi-unit residential and commercial buildings to enhance the fire rating and reduce sound transmission between units. With a range of compressive strengths and two additional sound reduction products that can be used in conjunction with the Levelrock, we can help design the right solution for any project.

Prior to installation, floors will be sealed and we will install the sound reduction mat or board, if selected. The floor underlayment is then mixed, pumped into the building and poured over the prepared floor. The product is then finished to ensure a uniform depth of coverage and a smooth finish-ready surface. Your choice of flooring (wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc.) is then installed over this floor underlayment system.


Levelrock®  is the only floor underlayment designed to be poured before the drywall is installed. Being able to pour without the sheetrock in place eliminates opportunities for moisture to penetrate the sheetrock during installation, reducing the chance of mold or mildew developing in or behind the drywall.


If you are a builder, contractor, architect or engineer you should know that Levelrock  is classed based on the minimum compressive strength achieved. Our 2500 product, recommended for residential applications, will achieve a compressive strength of 2500-3200 psi, while comparably designated products by other manufacturers are designed to achieve up to 2500 psi. Similarly, our 3500 product will provide compressive strengths of 3500-4000 psi. This extra strength will help avoid dusting and cracking. Samples are taken from every installation and tested by the manufacturer to monitor the strengths achieved by each batch of Levelrock®.

With formulations made from recycled gypsum, Levelrock® floor underlayment can also be a cost effective substitution to meet “green” requirements for reusable building materials. With the current level of attention environmental issues are receiving in the media, the use of “green” building materials and technologies will become increasingly important to the construction industry. Levelrock® is an easy way to stay in step without re-tooling the building process.






*References available upon request

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