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  Joseph A. DeLuca

   As you know we have worked with J.M. Pereira & Sons for a long time, it has been a 30+ year relationship.  There are very few vendors working with DeLuca Homes that can say they’ve been with us for over 30 years. There is a simple reason for the longevity of working together, simply, it is relationship based.  Relationships are paramount and I can write multiple paragraphs on how and why the relationship is as strong today as it was when we first started, but their commitment from ownership to the field personnel to perform their work with the highest quality on-time and on-schedule is at the forefront. 

During our careers, we both have grown in our products and services.  Today, J.M. Pereira works on our residential and commercial sites, which includes, excavation, poured foundations, slab on grade, block work, gyp-crete and waterproofing. Whether working on a single-family home or an apartment complex; J.M. Pereira has the right equipment for every job, which includes concrete pump trucks, dump trucks and stone slingers.  We work in some tight spots and Pereira is able to execute without disturbing neighboring properties or structures.  Moreover, having the equipment is important, but they have the field personnel to execute the work.

J.M. Pereira is now onto the third generation and the same for DeLuca Homes, I am sure the next generation will be able to say “we’ve worked together for 50 years and counting.”

 James N. Lombardo

United Concrete, Inc.

On behalf of everyone at United Concrete, Inc. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your continuous outstanding service. While everyone at your company contributes to the excellent service your company provides, we’d like to mention a few employees in particular:

First, Pat Morrison who serves as our first point of contact. Pat reviews and coordinates our jobs and because of his dedication we always know things will be done right. He is an excellent asset to your company. Also because of your dispatcher John Santos and his unwavering cooperation, our jobs could not run any easier. This happens time and time again.

Rui Pereira, your conveyor operator is the best in the business. In our opinion there is no better. On one specific occasion he sensed he may have a problem with one of the conveyor belts on the machine. Soon after, another Telebelt arrived with a mechanic to the job as a backup just in case. Fortunately, we did not need the extra Telebelt, but the extra attention made everything run smoothly. If Rui Pereira is scheduled to be on another job, Jeremy Horton has served as his stand by operator. Jeremy is just as qualified and proficient as Rui.

Once again, thank you for providing excellent quality service by the best people in the business.

We look forward to working with you again soon.


Robert R. Buckley, President

            I wanted to personally commend you and your conveyor system (Putzmiester Telebelt) used during the deck pour on our project listed above. Your help with the pour went extremely well and I was very impressed with the operation and performance of the conveyor system.


            Thanks again for a job well done!

  Jerry DiGiacomo

Vice President

DiGiacomo Construction, Inc.

“J.M. Pereira’s pump trucks are always on time and their drivers pay close attention to safety while on the job. Pat Morrison coordinates the job expertly along with John Santos in dispatch. There workers are always courteous and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for concrete pumping services in the Philadelphia area.”

Ron Clark


Iron Hill Construction

Management, Inc.

 I must say that they are professional, responsive and on time with there flooring underlayment work. When we needed the schedule pushed, they responded with service.

Mike Leonetti

Delco Development LLC

Willingboro, NJ.

 I have worked with J.M. Pereira & Sons over the past 22 years during several different job stints with many companies. I utilized them for excavation work, concrete foundations, apartment buildings, waterproofing and recently for poured floor underlayment material placements. They have always shown professionalism over the many years in this business and I cannot express how much easier they made my jobs go.

 Peter Fanous

Project Manager

James J. Anderson Construction

 “I have used Bucks Concrete Services equipment on numerous occasions for placing concrete and aggregate in hard to reach areas. They have never failed to reach the final destination for placing said materials. They have worked with our project schedules to place materials at all hours and all days.” 


Stephen Carullo

Project Manager

South State Inc.

  “We started utilizing Conveyor Telebelts from Bucks Concrete Services several years ago because we were experiencing too many issues with concrete pumps. Too many loads of concrete were being rejected by NJDOT due to air content, which is not the best way to start off a deck pour. We’ve had so much success with their Telebelts that we even started using them for other concrete  pours as well. We’ve also utilized their grout pumps to fill abandon drainage pipes.

Their prices are fair and customer service is excellent!

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